Light Finds a way. Every time.

What do you shoot?

Anything that light finds. Our gallery features all things wild.

We do not shoot weddings. But, we are all about people.


What is your mission?

We teach people to see light so that they can live more authentic, passionate lives.

Interesting for the mission to be about people, not animals or the salvation of wild lands. That's what we thought too. In fact, it took ten years of trying to avoid this fact until we launched Light Finds as a formal recognition of this reality.

How could the focus of an outdoor photographer not be soly upon the natural world? Well, it is. But here's how. We care about the lives of individual people being affected, and those individuals, in turn, becoming voices for the environment.

We influence people's lives by creating space for them in the wilderness through photo tours and workshops. We encourage them to slow down and look deeper -- allowing the camera to train their eyes to see light. We believe photography is more about receiving light than it is capturing images.

Light transforms our way of seeing. It results in transformed lives, rebirthed dreams, and renewed hope for the road ahead.

Paul regularly speaks with hope and purpose in classrooms and at corporate events.

The business is a complete experience that offers clients the opportunity to see our collection of Light Finds, hear Paul speak, and do something adventurous like a photo tourworkshop, or camera class.

You are invited to join the adventure!




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