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Learn from Paul

There are a variety of ways to learn from Paul. Click below to see some options or contact us for help!


Want some photography practice in the Smokies? A spring or autumn weekend workshop might be the right fit for you.


You have the opportunity to change the way you see photography through learning from other photographers- professional and hobbyists.

My ALIve photo

Do you feel stuck in your photography? Do you have hundreds (or thousands) of images in your hard drive but not on your walls? The My ALIVE Photo program can help!


Get Unstuck.

Crush Photographer's Block. Finally get your art on your wall.



Click here to learn more about Paul’s online learning platform, ALIVE Photo. ALIVE Photo can change the way you see the outdoors, nature and photography because it gives you the opportunity to learn from hundreds of lessons from professional photographers. Click here to learn more and to hear from ALIVE Photo community members.


Light Finds Gallery

Come visit us at Paul’s gallery at the foot of the Smokies.



It’s best to learn by doing.

Join Paul for a weekend to learn, practice, collaborate, ask questions, all with fellow enthusiasts in the beautiful Smokies!


I need help!

Sometimes you don't even know what you need. Just say, "I need help!" Contact us, and Paul will hold your hand, leading you to exactly what will help you out the most on your photography journey.