My ALIVE Photo

Get Unstuck.

Crush Photographer's Block.

Do you have hundreds (or thousands) of images on your hard drive? But none on your wall? The My ALIVE Photo program can help!

We have our sights set on getting you "UNSTUCK!" We will help get your photos off your hard drive and onto the wall. Unfortunately, this isn't simple. That's why you haven't done it already, right? Most hobbyists shoot thousands of images and almost never see them hung on the wall.

What it is

It’s really pretty simple. You spend 5 minutes uploading your images. Our editors cull and edit your images, choosing the best 10-15 as finalists. We record the whole process so that YOU can watch and learn and do it yourself later! Then you choose your favorite image and we create a canvas of YOUR image to hang on your wall.

What you get

  1. A gorgeous, 20" x 30" high-end, gallery-wrapped canvas for your wall, presented exactly like Paul Hassell's own images in his Great Smoky Mountains Gallery.

  2. The know-how to edit your own images- starting with sorting, culling, editing, and putting the finishings touches.



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What others have said

"This entire exercise has been VERY valuable and much more instructive than many classes that I have taken.  I was so excited after watching the 3 recordings that I had to let you know. I am so happy that I signed up for this." - Romaine

"My print arrived on Tuesday. It looks GREAT! My MAP experience was far MORE than expected.  I plan to use my new found skills in Ecuador and the Galapagos. I’m even beginning to think more critically about my local photos. Thanks again for an enlightening, educational and enjoyable experience." - John